Partner with KMI to set up your added revenue ticketed live stream concerts, events, sports, games or ticketed conference panel events, with our live stream as provider and contracted strategic alliance in volume with the largest independent ticketing agency in North America.

Also Available: AV Installs for venue hard install with ticketing included - Ask!

Your ticketed audience watches on any broadband-connected Windows PC or Mac desktop or notebook, using their Web browser. 

Watch on any Web-connected Android smart phone/tablet, iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

Watch on big screen using Apple TV, via your iOS device and Apple's AirPlay technology.

Raise revenue on added ticket sales to extend and increase box office profits.

Set up one streaming event, game or concert; Set up one per month, twelve per year; Set up a featured event or show per each week. Find a whole new income on box office revenues.  

Easy said and done plug in to Facebook, Instagram and contract social media marketing. Fan based organic and paid social media marketing to the provided box office URL along with your including the link on your online box office ticketing lets all North America and global fans watch your livestream events. Complete with live real time chat for fan engagement, merchandising and even donations and prizes - all online! The highest adavanced pay per view experience.

The most advanced online ticketing reports in real time! Payouts are within 3 days of Livestream webcast, with direct ACH payment to your designated bank account to facilitate your add to wraps and walkout payments to artists, acts, shows and producers. 

With KMI white label LiveStream, add HD live stream video performances for your concert, event, sports or convention panel. Add pay-per-view virtual Tickets at no set up cost. Added ticket sale fans can watch from any device.

Add easy revenue in ticket sales to your scheduled events, concerts, performing arts, theater, and more, by having KMI simply add your venue shows and events to our Ticketed LIvestream schedule. We set up the streams to extend from your server, we can take your provided HD file and reposition to host on our dedicated server with redundant backup as the Livestream provider. 

Join KMI for your added turnkey Livestream events. No set up charge. No costs to you.

Easy payouts as added revenue splits. 

* Dedicated client account representative handles your venue and events, onboard to wrap. * Geo-fencing included - availability to take ticket sales in 135 global currencies, 

accepted payments worldwide.