​Years spent in export management and international licensing of brands, broadcast properties and entertainment franchise licenses with agents and end licensees in various international regions of the world, allows an exchange of North American broadcast and theatrical markets with programming from the world's global markets, effectively importing and exporting broadcast programming, intellectual properties in brand licensing, overall advertising and properties full market strategies, the firm has engaged distribution rights from international film suppliers for North American exhibition and distribution in traditional broadcast, cable, satellite, Video on Demand, Pay Per View, web based, cellular and mobility markets while affording content providers a base of distribution extending from the former brick and mortar retail and rental DVD In-Home markets.

We license programs to major production companies, distribution companies, broadcast and cable networks, satellite, ad-hoc syndication and must carry network providers. With newest strategic alliances for distribution of media content into OTT, IPTV and handhelds including I-Phone, I-Pad, Droid, PSP, and other platforms, we stand ready as consultant, producer and licensing distribution partner for corporate communications, and traditional broadcasters looking to move into the ever advancing digital media market; as rapid technical advancements make media consumption possible anywhere, anytime.

Additional years as National and Regional Advertising Account Sales and Media Representation allows sub assigned media specialty buys to place your account media spend in more targeted, programmtic and media bid buy basis to extend frequency and reach of advertiser's media communications, achieving enhanced value for advertising agencies media plans and buys. We currently serve over 101 national ad buyers in the USA for better value advertising targets and reach. 

We further provide audio and video production, support services and agency equity positions to communication and brand clients, soundtrack supervision, voiceover casting and soundtrack production for localization on commercials, broadcast promos, international series, animation and cartoon, Wuxia action series and other films seeking entry into North America or global expansion into international territories, we engage exclusive third party software agreements in licensed e-casting platforms with leading streaming media, digital spectrum firms and networked advertising providers, to anchor, host and quickly monetize branded streaming media for content providing sites and mobility markets.