IBA member stations, download the PDF Offer and attach to your PO or Insertion Orders to receive beneficial discounts or promotions. Participants to orders and agreement contracts must attach the PDF promotion as authorization code for outlined discounts, benefits or deal memo. 

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As fellow members of the Independent Broadcasters Association, KMI offers and affords IBA Member Stations the advantage of three affiliate business benefit programs:

* Syndicated Programs: Barter Split License, minimum 13 broadcast weeks, ie: “Ron Knight- Insights” or “The Writers Block”, run time: ½ hour, or stack for one hour – 1x weekly.
Total IBA Value:, for 13 week starts: 75% combined revenue split to station under our IBA license fees

Ron Knight (Sirius, The Travel Channel, Chapala Radio, ABC) yucks up the talk with writers, talent n' topics in contemporary media, of the world, subjects of newest releases in book, ebook, audiobook, working titles and works in progress. Covering certain world views and a touch on geopolitics, everything from media, film, stage, screenplay, music, book, interactive, animation, even prose, poetry and essay get an even, open crack. 

Format: Talk - Daypart - RT: 30 minutes with ad breaks. 

Listen to all episodes: https://writersblock.sounder.fm/

Pick us up for your rebroadcast license.

* Station Imaging and Production: Discount of market rates on our rate card by 25% for single station and 30% for station bundles. No charge for production music licensing/clearances, and full studio production included. 

Media avails across national radio in-streams and video advertising streaming player launches. Media avails Web and Mobility streaming: Radio national markets audio in-stream ads    

* Media Agency Buyers: Support your brands, retailers and dealerships using the largest targeted markets by our state of the art programmatic system and trades for Regional buying for nationwide metros. 

Station Imaging for independent radio stations in Southern California, Florida, New York, even Portugal, Singapore and the EU too! Sirius XM, Delta On Air, Arts & Entertainment, Bravo, Disney-MGM, Universal, Travel Channel, Nickelodeon, ABC Networks, ABC Sports, Golden West Broadcasters, TM Century, Bayliss Broadcasting, Charter Communications, Stouffer Stations, United Stations and more. Let's image yours.