E-casting and entire new dedicated web streaming sites: in e-Radio, e-TV, and professional content I-Casting content for e-Casting radio and e-TV in the Cloud. Agency representation for new branded content to emerging playing field ROIs.  

Our on-line programming development platforms engage hosts, talent, actors, producers and other traditional radio and TV performers with the newest third party software platforms, so content and brands become true web and mobility based e-Casters. Honed talent and publishing brands elect the option to merge their new content and shows into a cloud based network which features the financial benefit of being already anchored by third party advertising revenue systems.

KMI counsels brands in 24/7 production and distribution of new content development, handling rights negotiations, deployment to stations, publishing or association groups that need new e-cast multimedia digital spectrum systems, and e-casting software trained experts. Intellectual properties licensing, clearances, and contract negotiations for talent and tech's business development, and the licensing of developed shows and streams to media, venues, professional networks for revenue based streaming radio and TV sites.

We make digitization and webcasting services easy for traditional Radio and TV broadcasters to  make the move online. We provide turnkey solutions for digital media station  web and mobility e-casting services, concise webcast reporting, branded players, third party advertising injection and even operations training.

Producers, distributors, traditional and alternative weekly news media and magazine content publishers in the traditional media space venture with us for new original branded digital radio and video programming. Our hosted and syndicated streaming players feature fast web and mobility market placement, full program rotation, dedicated target market placement, and quick growth earnings based upon revenue shares in the digital radio or I-TV space while best conserving start up costs.