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- For Game Developers with developed games or frameworks that are popular for target demographics, with current reach and likes in the social media space, i.e. YouTube, Facebook, Periscope, etc., we troubleshoot your needs in the licensing markets to get your game development escalated into large entertainment or media brand licensed IP deals.

- As Licensing Consultants in multimedia platform development and business plans, success stories include BMG, Pebel3D, Archie Comics, Electronic Arts, Roku, Apple TV, Storybox, Little Big One, MA&P, Attic DE, Wizard, AOL, and others through the CGDC (Computer Game Developers Conferences) and specialty consultant partners such as Airship Enterprises or physical distribution as a label partner to Alliance Entertainment Distribution.

Game Developers who are coming up or emerging, benefit from our Fastrak direct to IP brand holders; with collected and ready knowledge to present for IP brand deals as ready submission plans. In order to be ready for the Fastrak submission process, GDs request our Client Licensee Business Development Set-Up questionnaire: a 17 point checkpoint question review, that any platform needs to address with any large brand box for licensing arrangements.

Knock years off of your multimedia licensing knowledge and experience required for market ready backgrounds in product licensing 101. With tech and multimedia applications business and contract, copyright and patent assignments and term sheets in brand license partnership agreements, we escalate the game developers approach to larger media brand licensors.  

Retained on a one time fee basis, or operating on equity and revenue shares, we prep plans and submissions to send on your behalf as agents, to the IP brand licensors matched to your game play style or game design model. As a Game Developer, once the GD has received our defined and targeted 17 question review, within 5 to 10 days you as GD can review and complete each form field or questionnaire's business market response; or sooner as can be completed. As needed, we can help with the unfurling of the full disclosures in each question.

Game Developers questions and fields then get compiled into a ready submission format, in the due process submission term sheet with over 50 Licensors in the kids, action, simulation, or other appropriate Pop Con age and target demographic profiles in the entertainment "high brands" space - which is included with your licensed business plan submission Fastrak fee, all inclusive. 

For all licensed IP business action returns coming in as generated, its your choice as client for KMI to stay involved to develop, negotiate and close your deal(s), arrange and fulfill your distribution, advising you on all terms being clarified for terms of the licensing agreement(s), or you're absolutely free to be on your own to follow up and handle your own deal closings by your elected option.  

When KMI stays in the negotiations, or maintains equity in a product release, ongoing commission or equity in titles is based on the financial terms as outlined with each agreement created with licensors or licensees. We schedule street, event dates and oversee multi-platform distribution releases. 

As a game developer, if you want to get through the relatively quick checkpoint system of platform and markets based questions, we can then you through to the largest licensed brands in the kids, action, media, virtual or augmented reality, physical goods as disc based wholesale-retail, OTT (over the internet), entertainment, education, and special venue or location based entertainment markets.

KMI facilitates the preparation for proposal and submission, and stays involved. If using the setup and out for our services, a one time quick deposit - one time fee includes 50 submissions to high brand IP rights holders. For equities, any upfront fee gets deducted from any follow up derivative royalties, commissions or revenue shares described and agreed in the term values of further licensing agreements income.

While serving us well to weed out the non-players from the ready players, it has also done us well to expedite and get in and out of presentations in just a few short weeks to put client Game Developers in play for the fastest business in licensing deal executions. This is the goal we are all looking for and hope to achieve. Game Developers get deals in play in order to get into the licensed brand business very quickly, as we then shuttle, handle inbound business leads, negotiate and check each of the agreement contracts for the acquired IP brand deals.

Feel free to call. Our telephones are listed below. We look forward to working with you. 

Email us for your Game Developer's Short Form Multimedia Platform Licensing Consultant Plan Escalation Agreement and the IP business plan submission 17 point Questionnaire to follow.  

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